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World class award winning wildlife photographer Bill Keay has been shooting wildlife and scenics with his family for over 30 years. KEAY family is Bill, Wanda, anangelad their daughters Angela and Serena. Bill captures the shear essence and emotion of the animals he films. To insure a high code of ethics filming in the wild, his wife Wanda does biological research and study. In the course of filming they experience many exciting adventures that take them to the most remote areas of Canada and other parts of the world.



Far Sky maps capture memories – memories of your hometown, your adventure, and everything in between… and they look awesome. We try to take map art to a completely new level. I’m not an artist… I’m a cartographer and I have years of training and education to help me create a piece that is not only artistically pleasing but geographically accurate and precise.



Sabine studied art and design in Hamburg, and worked as Art Director in a leading advertising company and at two major publishing houses.  Her style combinesGetInline natural scenes, shells, birds, animals and botanicals with illustrations. She likes to reflect her love of nature in her works.  She works in Acrylics, Watercolor, Ink, Pen, Photography, Digital and enjoys creating collages for cards and posters.



Shoko makes jewelry that are inspired by nature around Vancouver Island. Her pieces are carefully handcrafted using sterling & fine silver as well as 14k gold filled material. SOwl-Pic-3he also showcases extended selection of gem stone jewelry at the market.




Located on the serene coast of Vancouver Island, Mystic Glass Creations design studio, was founded in 2003 by Tyler Hayes and Kim Reid. By blending ancient glass methods MYSTICwith the use of modern torches and kilns, we uniquely craft glass jewelry, object of beauty, and functional glass pieces for your enjoyment.



I have been woodworking for over 35 years and wood turning since 1989. I was a furniture re finisher and cabinet maker for a number of years and built many pieces of custom furniture.I have been making my personalized puzzle stools for over 25 years. I made the first ones for my daughter and son.

I produce my laminated cutting boards mainly from wood salvaged from friends and HARVEY2cabinet makers. This wood is predominately off cuts that would otherwise end up as firewood or in the landfill. In my woodworking passion of wood turning, I produce mainly utilitarian items like bowls and platters as well as pens and bottle stoppers.



My Friend Monster makes one of a kind, friendly monster plushies froterri wilde 2m repurposed, upcycled wool sweaters – eco-friendly! All are made with care, by me, Terri Wild, in my home “Monster Workshop”. I treat each new monster as if it were my own, and carefully name each one to suit its burgeoning personality….won’t you find it in your heart to give a monster a loving home?



In 2011 I realized that perhaps this would be my chance to start my dream of making a living doing what I like to do best, sculpt! Almost two years later my dream of being a full time self-employed artist is happening. I have Etsy, and you my customers ancharlied fans to thank for that! I will be continuing with various sculptures and other exciting forms of art mediums, that I have bubbling up from deep inside wanting to be expressed.

The future is exciting! I have some very interesting and unique concrete sculptures that will be sure to have people asking you “Where did you get that!”



​This body of work defines who I have been wanting to become for many years. MEIKEI have always loved metal but for one reason or another, over the past fifteen years I have tried to find my way in different mediums.  After all this time I finally realize my talent lies best in metalsmithing, as I feel the most alive and inspired when making metal jewelry. May this collection mark a new epoch of my life to come.


COLLIDE DESIGNS – “mix and mash”

Collide Designs was created by Eryn Beattie as the title for all of her creations. All Collide Designs are handmade in Victoria, British Columbia with materials ranging in shapes, sizes, style, and variety. You will find a mixture of fun, funky, ERYNclassic, pretty, and bold products all made for someone to love.



Ann Coleman is a ceramic artist with a creative passion and a unique perspective, who spent much of her time experimenting  with various mediums. After completing 4 years at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, she set off on a year long odyssey to eann colemanxplore the world. It was a year filled with adventure and inspiration, a perfect segue to the next phase of her life. When Ann arrived back in Canada, she decided to establish herself as a ceramic artist in Victoria, BC. Currently Ann is spending all of her time at her new studio, Yunomi, near the Bay St Bridge.



Mayumi Nogami was born in Tokyo, Japan. She then moved to Toronto, and studied art graduating with a major in illustration from Ontario College of Art & Design. Mayumi now resides permanently in Victoria, inspired by the mountains, ocean and the vibrant city. Painting and drawing have always been a part of my life. Working with gomayumiuache and ink gives me the creative freedom to explore these ideas. It influences how I think about my art. I use bright colour and black line in order to create a burst of energy. My artistic aim is to create work that conveys a sense of this diverse world and also work that can be shared and understood by all people.



Custom made tutus, capes, bow tie and suspender sets, dresses, wings, aprons, shoes, messenger bags and hair bows! Wire wrapped jewelry featured.



Tim Travis creates Beer Jelly, Beer mustard, Malt and Honey Vinegars.raw-7



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