Vendors – Weekday Market or Public Market

The Public Market will begin on Thursday April 19th. The first two weeks (April 19, 20, 21& 26, 27, 28) of the Public Market will give you a chance to reconnect with our returning artisans.  New local artisans will be joining the Public Market May (May 3, 4, 5).  Below is just a taste of the wonderful local craftspeople who will be returning again this season.  Come out and support our local artisans!

Gerald Cawdell, Inspired by science and nature.GetAttachment  Ger’s art has included carving, painting, photography and poetry. Ger began selling his hand-carved kitchen utensils at Bastion Square Market in 2014.


rawOur Story Selves  ~  Tash Raja Gabaglia Tal is an artist of many mediums. A writer, a dancer, a singer and photographer.. but above all else she seek to serve the story. Whatever she create, she creates not for its sake alone, but for what it might stand for, for the life that lies behind it, the meaning, the message, the tale.


 MAGBAGSETC ~ By Susan who Uses silk fiber, which she creates a completely new fabric using a process called silk fusion. Using this process, she takes silk roving and make it into fabric bags and sculpt it into jewellery. She also uses wool, which she knits and felts to create all kinds of different fabrics to make into bags.
Coastal Prezence – A family-run seaweed pressing business, consisting of husband, wife, and daughter: Robin, Ginette, and Amanda. They produce both original seaweed pressings and archival seaweed prints. Their business consists of pressing and mounting native plants on cards and canvas.AT THE MARKET THURSDAY TO SUNDAY
rawDangles: simply elegant jewellery designs handmade by Teya Danel. This distinctive, eye-catching line of jewellery which appears to ‘float’ gently around your neck will enhance and adorn any style of clothes you wear. Aesthetically designed using glass beads (ie Swarovski) and other materials, these pieces are adjustable in length to compliment any neckline.AT THE MARKET THURSDAY TO SUNDAY
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 rawMead Simon Chain Mail Designs ~ Chain-mail artist, jeweler, fashion designer and public speaker.AT THE MARKET THURSDAY TO SUNDAY

In Memory of: J. Robert Whittle: Victoria’s popular bestselling and award-winning novelist began writing at the age of 60 and has ten novels to his credit. His Victoria Chronicles and three standalone novels co-authored with his wife Joyce Sandilands, are set in and around this city and many feature historical settings and totally factual history of the early 19th. Robert was a longtime market vendor. He passed away August 17th 2017 sourrounded by family. 
Kay’s Krafts – Kay YetmanIMG_0594
Handmade bags, place mats, hand towels, children’s dresses (size 1 – 6), sweaters, toques, slippers and socks.
Labyrinth Leathercraft is the husband and wife team of Campbell and Amanda, who handmake every item by crafting  solid Spanish and Italian leathers. They use natural treatments on the leather, and the leather itself is tanned using organic methods.
Lillybean Toys – Cathy Oreskovich
raw-1 Topsy-Turvy dolls and Raggedy-Ann style dolls and sock monkeys.  All are excellently crafted and made with love.AT THE MARKET THURSDAY TO SUNDAY
HAND MADE MOCCASINS  by Trena BeerIMG_0590 (1)Moccasins protect the foot while allowing the wearer to feel the ground.   Trena, makes Traditional Scout Moccasins for newborns to adult. Her passion is beading and she can bead any pattern you want on the moccasins.

REBEL MOON CLOTHING IMAGEREBEL MOON CLOTHING Rebel Moon Clothing is a clothing company started by Nick Threndyle, an independent artist and silk screener. Rebel Moon Clothing is an independent producer of high quality clothing, made for those who are looking for original and alternative wearable art.


INDIGO FIRE ~ Chantelle Smith uses a technique called bead embroidery, which is very labour intensive and detail oriented, the beads are stitched in two at a time. The beadwork is mounted onto suede or leather that is reclaimed from thrift stores.  Some of her pieces have taken up to a week to complete!  It is truly a labour of love.


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